Welcome to sandeepdinesh.com!

Sandeep is a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud! He refers to himself in the third person on this website for reasons.

Sandeep started coding and creating websites when he was 12 and hasn't stopped. He is passionate about building easy-to-use products people love. Before Google, he founded an IoT startup in agriculture and developed educational HTML5 games. At Google, Sandeep's goal is to make cloud easy and help developers create the next big thing. He works on cloud native solutions such as Docker, Kubernetes, gRPC, and Istio. Sandeep loves video games, making music, and martial arts, and has Bachelors in Marketing and Computer Science from the University of Richmond.

My Projects and Talks

  • Istio 101 - Open Source Service Mesh for Microservices! - Talk/Code
  • SlackEngine - Easy to use Slack Inviter running on Google App Engine - Code